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Friday chess training at Mathnasium of Lakeway

Fridays: 3:30-5:00pm or 5:30-7:00pm (2019)

When:  Starting on June 7th, every Friday   

Time: 3:30 - 5:00pm (1.5 hours, $20, Beginner)  

           5:30 - 7:00pm (1.5 hours, $20, Intermediate)

Where: Mathnasium of Lakeway    Mathnasium

             2951 Ranch Road 620 South, #107, Lakeway TX 78738

             (the building behind The Grove restaurant)


* Each student will receive a customized ChessKid training account.
* Fun and educational training. Led by a group of advanced chess players.

* Training materials: 

               Beginner -- Chess rules, chess openings, tactics and practice

               Intermediate -- Chess tactics, puzzles, tournament rules, various  

                                        chess openings, end games and more.

* We cover all levels from beginner to intermediate (rating under 1700)

* Students are grouped by chess ratings, skills and levels. 

* We will incorporate chess videos, chess analysis engines and online 

  chess tournaments. 

* Age requirement: 6-17 years old. 

* Age 6 and under may be considered after a brief interview. 

* Payment types: Cash, check or all major credit cards.

   (Check -- payable to Westlake Chess Association)

* If a student is absent, any unused tuition will be rolled over to next month, or  

  used toward a chess set or a chess clock.

* By clicking the "Subscribe" button below, you agree to subscribe a monthly  

  payment of $80 / 4 classes / month. To end the monthly payment subscription, 

  simply contact us in person or by phone or by text. 

* Questions please contact Julia @ (512) 905-9969.


Monthly Payment

Student's First and Last Name

Note: If you are a current active student at Mathnasium of Lakeway, when you enroll in chess training program, you will receive a chess set as an enrollment gift. 

Chess Set:
Retails $29.99
Chess board 22in x 22in
32 chess pieces + 2 extra queens